Prophet means” spokesman.” not “fortuneteller.” The one whom in

their unfathomable audacity the prophets claimed to speak for was

the Lord and Creator of the universe. There is no evidence to

suggest that anyone ever asked a prophet home for super more

than once.

The prophets were drunk on God, and in the presence of their

terrible tipsiness, no one was ever comfortable. With lack of tact,

they roared out against phoniness and corruption wherever they

found them. They were the terror of kings and priests.

No prophet is on record as having asked for the job. When God put

the finger on Isaiah, Isaiah said, “How long, O Lord?” (Isaiah 6:11),

and couldn’t have been exactly reassured by the answer he was

given. Jeremiah pleaded that he was much too young for that type

of work (Jeremiah 1:6).

Like Robert Frost’s, a prophet’s quarrel with the world is deep down

a lover’s quarrel. If they didn’t love the world, they probably wouldn’t

bother to tell it that it’s going to hell. They’d just let it go.

--Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking: A Theological

ABC (Harper & Row, 1973). 73-75.